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Professional reflexology treatment in Dromore

Are you feeling stressed? Reflexology treatment could be the perfect solution. For reflexology and many other complementary treatments in Dromore, get in touch with Hand to Soul Therapy.

Restore the body's equilibrium

Are the stresses and strains of everyday life getting to you? Complementary therapies offer an ideal and effective solution. These therapies help to restore the body's natural equilibrium and balance and thus help cope with the stresses and strains of life more effectively. They can also be used to take care of a specific physical, mental, emotional or spiritual problem. I offer many complementary treatments, including Reiki and reflexology, to take care of numerous ailments.
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Treatments offered

  • Reflexology-In this treatment, pressure is applied to specific areas on the feet to produce remarkable healing effects—45 minutes @ £30.00.
  • Reiki-In this treatment, the universe's energy is used to replenish and restore the individual's own life force energy and bring about healing, balance and rejuvenation—1 hour @ £30.00
  • Aromatherapy-Here, pure essential oils are applied to maintain physical, emotional and spiritual well-being—1 hour 15 minutes for consultation and full body massage @ £40.00                                  
40 minutes for consultation and half body massage @ £30.00      
  • Indian head massage-This therapy aims to balance the mind, body and spirit—45 minutes @ £25.00
  • Hopi ear candling-This treatment is done to draw out impurities from the ear, relieve pressure in the head and sinuses as well as aid hearing problems—45 minutes @ £20.00
  • Chakra balancing-In this treatment, we use crystals to balance, cleanse and re-energise the chakra system and human energy field—£30.00

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Preventative measure

Preventative measure

In addition to healing existing  disorders, complementary treatments can be used as a preventative measure These therapies are also good purely for relaxation. 

With a wide range of treatments to choose from, Hand to Soul Therapy will ensure that your needs are adequately taken care of.
"I have been having complementary therapies for twenty plus years but never with such pampering, professionalism, friendliness not to mention the luxury of a post treatment snooze in my own home all thanks to Ann."

—D214ever, 12 May 2015
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